Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I book a party or event?

A: Click on the "Book Now" buttons on our website, or social media pages. You will reach our booking request page where you can access our calendar and check availability. Select the date and time of your choice. Once you select your date, you will receive an invoice. Once the invoice is paid, your party will be locked in.

Q: What are your days of operation:

A: We operate 7 days a week. Click the "Book Now" button to check availability.

Q: Do I pay for the party or event in advance?

A: Yes, all reservations must be paid in advance.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept:

A: We accept credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.

Q: How far in advance do I need to book my event?

A: Reservations fill up quickly. We recommend booking 30-60 days in advance to secure your desired date. 

Q: How much space do I need?

A: We ask our customers to reserve 60 feet of generally-level ground for us to park our equipment.  We reserve the right to refuse to position our equipment in an area that could cause damage to a customer's property and/or Rolling Video Games of South Atlanta's property.  Delays caused by clearing space for the truck and trailer will not prevent us from leaving at the scheduled end time.  We always arrive 20-30 minutes before the start of your scheduled event to park and set up.


Q: Is there a minimum age recommendation?

A: Rolling Video Games parties are appropriate for ages 6 and older.  Children under the age of 6 require supervision by a parent or guardian, while participating in video game activities both inside and outside the mobile video game theater.

Q: Do parents need to supervise?

A: Rolling Video Games of South Atlanta does require a parent or responsible adult to be available at the party or event location.  It is highly recommended that parents supervise children under the age of 6 at the party.  

Q: What time will you be arriving?

A: We arrive 20-30 minutes before the start of your scheduled event, in order to park and set up.​​

Q: What are the rules inside the trailer?

A: 1.  No food or drinks inside the trailer. 

     2.  No touching the TV's or gaming consoles. 

     3.  No jumping in or out of the trailer.

     4.  No pushing, shoving or running.

     5.  No throwing controllers.

     6.  No feet on furniture.

     7.  Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

     8.  No backpacks permitted inside the trailer.

Q: Will the kids (and adults) know what to do?

A: We have 2 Game Coaches onsite at all of our parties to inspire, instruct and assist all of your guests.  We do everything in our power to make sure everyone in attendance has a memorable time.

Q: What gaming consoles do you have? 

A: We have several consoles, including PlayStation 5, Xbox One X, and Nintendo Switch.  Our setup allows up to 24 players to game, all at the same time.​

​​Q: Should I be concerned about the types of games for kids?

A: All of our video games contain an ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) age-appropriate rating.  You will have the option to select which games you want the children to play, when you fill out our Waiver form.  

Q: Do I request certain games?

A: We bring our full game library to every party and event.  We will listen to and make suggestions along the way to make sure everyone has a great time.  If you do have specific game requests, please let us know ahead of time.


Q: How many players can fit in the mobile game theater?

A: We can fit up to 16 people inside the trailer at one time.  In addition, we can have up to 8 more people playing on our 2 outside TV's (weather permitting), for a maximum of 24 people.  If it is raining/snowing, or expected to, we cannot use the outside TV's.  No more than 16 people will be allowed inside the mobile theater at a time.

Q: Does the mobile game theater have air conditioning and heating?

A: Yes!  Our mobile game theater is insulated and climate-controlled with air-conditioning and heating.​


Q: Do you allow food and drinks inside the video game trailer?

A: No, food and drinks are not allowed in the mobile game theater.​​

Q: Are pets allowed inside the trailer?

A: No. For safety reasons, pets are not allowed inside or outside the trailer.


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