Using Facebook to Invite as a Private Event

Everyone’s on Facebook! Or at least everyone’s Mom! Wow them with a customized private event invitation to the party.

  1. Download this image to your computer or phone. This is your invite template that you will use for the top of your invitation.
  2. Go to your Facebook and choose “events” on the left
  3. Choose “create event” and create a private event
  4. Choose “upload photo or video” and choose the facebookinvitetemplate.jpg you just downloaded
  5. Then fill out all the rest: Location, date, time, and start inviting your friends!

Customized Video Game Party Invitation with Evite

  1. Go to ​this site to start your invitation.
  2. You will see you can design your own by uploading our template. Click here to download the evite template.
  3. Choose any of the landscape invitations (both free or premium)
  4. Click the little camera icon to upload the template you downloaded to fit the template.
  5. ​Fill out all the other details of your party!

Text Invitations to Your Friends using Evite

It seems we all use texting for everything! Evite has devised a way to text invitations to your friends:

  1. On your phone, download the evite app
  2. It might be easier to create your original invitation on Evite from your computer, then log in to Evite on your phone app
  3. Create your Evite with our template and then use the texting feature to send it to your chosen numbers.

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